Ibiza : Mediterranean Style

I wanted to share my unforgettable time in Ibiza, and no Ibiza is not all about doing drugs. This was my second trip to Ibiza and I had a blast! It's party capital of the world! I should also call it sunscreen capital because I got quite the sunburn despite repeated layers of sunscreen. There's boat trips,  bar hopping, club nights and cocktails, but I only had time to try out a few of Ibiza’s hottest happenings this summer.

Ibiza is a Spanish island that is a quick one hour flight from Barcelona, on the way back I took a ferry to the south of Spain. Ibiza is a rock island that is 10x the size of Manhattan so taxis fares getting you around the island to different towns are pricey! We paid about  30 for each ride. There are public buses that run between towns as well, but at night we didn't have time for that. Expect food and drink prices to be pricey as well. 

Ibiza is well known for its summer club scene where it has the hottest techno DJs in residence. Expect to pay  50 cover charge at all of them. When I was there in residence was Avicci, David Guetta, Sasha, Armin Van Burren, and Paris Hilton was DJing a foam partyEvery club had a store in town that sold really unique clothing with their logo on it, not just your average t-shirt, and of course not your average prices either. Beaches are top optional. Buy a yourself a paddle ball set as it's a fun pass time in the water, it's like tennis in the ocean. The rubber balls float in the water so they're easy to find when you miss.

Top Ibiza Tips
  1. There's a number of party boats and within my group we did two of them one is the original (poster shown) and the other one was just lame. This one features a 110ft luxury yacht sailing the sea between Ibiza and the island of Formentera with open bar, jet skiis, photographer and just loads of fun!
  2. The trend this summer was neon! Everyone was wearing these blazing bright yellow neon t-shirts. I followed suit with the tee you see me wearing above and updated my party look with a punchy vivid lipstick.
  3. Ibiza town comes to life after 9pm. No one has dinner before then, seriously. 
  4. Your Ibiza holiday experience will not be complete without visiting San Antonio and admire the stunning sunsets to a backdrop of ambient music and delicious cocktails! It truly has a mesmerizing effect!  (where I took the pic above)
  5. The Tower of Ushuaia (pronounced Oosh-why-a) don't think I'll ever get that down lol) is the best beach club in Ibiza! It's an open air setting where thousands of people stand in the courtyard to watch the stage. There's also a shallow pool people could stand in and bottle table service on the side.
  6. Watch out for petty thief. One girl in my group had her purse pick-pocketed at Ushuaia where the crowd was massive. Another two people in my group passed out drunk on the beach after the club. In the morning they woke to find her purse missing, his pants pocket slashed, and his t-shirt (not worn) taken. They went to the police station but there was a three hour wait to file a report so they didn't bother. Another girl in our group went to the beach during the day and left her purse on her towel by itself and when she returned someone had taken it. You have to be smart about taking care of your belongings. 
  7. Catch David Guetta at Ushuaia where he performs every Monday with his wife Cathy. He seems to be the most famous celebrity DJ at the moment, probably because he does a lot of commercial  house remixes so he's not for electronic purists, but just people who like party music with catchy vocals and beats which they can have a good time dancing to- yep that's me. You've probably heard one of these songs he's remixed: Little Bad Boy - Taio Cruz and Ludacris,  Where the Girls At - Nicki Minaj & FloRida, Turn Me On - Nicki Minaj, Right Now - Rhianna, Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon. He opened and closed his set with his most recent song: Play Hard - Ne-Yo & Akon. 

  8. It was fun to watch him work the crowd and build the atmosphere. He had a slick production that went with his FMIF theme.  Luminous sticks were thrown from the stage which allowed the crowd to be part of the show in addition to an awesome light show that pumped people up. Cathy Guetta came onto to the stage with her dancers dressed in ski masks, black woolly caps and lycra, and then later resembling a Moulin Rouge cabaret show as dancers in fake fur gyrated on stage.  The highlight was a girl floating in the air on a balloon like something out of Cirque du Soleil.

sunset in San Antonio

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