Burning calories in half the time!

I wanted to wait until I got back from vacation in Spain to start T25 and boy was I dripping sweat on my first workout! I did the Core Speed workout first and it was so much fun! He had fun zig zag moves and I really impressed myself doing the one hand burpees! It was a non-stop high energy burn. My heart monitor got up higher than I have ever seen it!

The end of August is upon us - and with it will come jeans, sweaters and football! But that does not mean it's time to let our health and fitness journeys fall away! If you want a workout that is fast, fun, makes you sweat and makes you ENJOY it all at the same time, T25 is the way to go! And guess what!? T25 challenge pack is only on sale until midnight tonight!!! Save on a program that is 25 minutes a day for 5 days! You get both the fitness system and shakeology (the BEST nutrition available) at half price!  A 25 minute workout is only 1% of your day- check it out.

Time is running out but there is still time to commit and challenge yourself to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Comment below or message me and I can help you get set up to be the healthiest, happiest and proudest version of yourself you can be! 

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