Where in the world am I?

I'm eating churros and paella and this evening I will go to little wine bar and check out some traditional salsa.  I visited a world famous art museum named after a Queen housed in a converted hospital, came here once when I was in high school. These are the most famous pieces here:

Woman in Blue - Picasso 
Picasso painted this during his blue period, from memory of a courtesan from his trip to Paris, and when it failed to win competition he discarded it, it was discovered years later.

Luncheon on the Grass - Miquel Barceló 
Contemporary art (1980s) piece inspired from when Barcelo was living in Mali, the desert landscape captured in white paint to capture the blinding dessert light.

Sonia de Klamery - Herman Anglada Camarasa
Can you see the peacock and it's brilliant multicolours on the top left?

The Gathering at the Café de Pombo - José Gutiérrez Solana
This is Solana's most iconic work, the social life in the 1920s consisting of a meeting among famous intellectuals at the time in a cafe. However the mirror behind them is one of Solana's signature elements, is it real or not.
Portrait II - Joan Miró
Cubism and surrealism.
Self Portrait/Accident - Alfonso Ponce de León
A surreal piece about his death painted a year before he died in a car accident as forseen in the painting. The painting is odd in that half of his body is missing, the light on him is not coming from the headlights of the car, and him pointing at his forehead.

Bulls Fighting -  Benjamín Palencia

Superimposition on Grey Matter - Antoni Tapies
This piece has a lot of texture from mixed media in the Surrealist style.

Guitar in Front of the Sea - Juan Gris
An oil painting in the Cubist style of objects in front of a window.

Woman in Garden - Picasso

Iron sculpture of a woman with a triangular face and wind blown hair in a Surrealist style.

Toki Egin (Homage to St John of the Cross) - Eduardo Chillida
Made in 1990,"toki egin" means "make way" as this is an expression of space.The sculptor is using the geometrical element for an action that has both spiritual and philosophical sides: the conception of space.

Guernica - Picasso
This is the most famous piece of the museum! It's an expression of the destruction of World War II and how cruel it is. Picasso gave the piece to the New York Museum of Modern Art for safekeeping and was only returned to this country in 1981.

So if you guessed where I am, post in the comments!


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  1. Love the art, Anna! Hope you're having a fantastic trip! Can you do a post about the vegetarian options you have come across on your trip?