Blackberries and Cream Quinoa Breakfast

I wanted to try a different hot grain for breakfast instead of my usual breakfast. So on a whim I grabbed a pack of Quinoa Breakfast PorridgePorridge at Whole Foods and while it was delicious, at $4 for a single serving pack I figured I could make this on my own cheaper. 

Before I had only used quinoa in place of rice in savory dishes, but wanted to try it in a sweet dish and I have to say that adding the homemade coconut cream really blew my mind!  This meal is very much like having oatmeal for breakfast, hot, hearty plus has added protein because quinoa has a high protein content. It does take some prep the night before to cook the quinoa and to make the coconut cream (very similar to whipped cream).

coconut cream

Makes 4 servings

Half can of Trader Joe's - Coconut Cream Extra Thick and Rich 
¼ tsp vanilla extract 
drop of liquid stevia
1 cup quinoa dry
2 teaspoons wheat germ (optional)

Make ahead directions:
One day before, refrigerate coconut cream overnight in the can. The next day pour into a blender and whip with a drop of stevia and the vanilla. I've found that the leftovers can be refrigerated for  a week without losing its fluffy texture.

Cook quinoa according to package directions. Once done, separate into 4 tupperware containers so you can just grab an already portioned container in the morning.

Assembly in the morning:
Heat up quinoa in microwave for 30 seconds. Stir coconut cream into quinoa. Top with wheat germ and blackberries or fruit of your choice. Enjoy!

Nutritional Analysis
309 calories, 17g protein, 5g fiber

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