How to heal bruises faster

I had an embarrassing fall and ending up with multiple unsightly large bruises and being that it's summer I wanted to get rid of them fast! A bruise is a result of the blood vessels burst near your skin and the blood spreads to the surrounding tissue. So icing immediately after an injury helps stop that spread.

After the bruise forms I massaged the surrounding area several times a day which helps your body go through its process of removing it. I ate pineapple which contains bromelain which breaks down proteins that trap fluids in the tissues after an injury. I rubbed vinegar and witch hazel on the bruise which increases blood flow near the skin's surface.

And I applied Arnica gel to it several times a day. Arnica is a natural herb that dilates your blood vessels so that the healing power of your blood can come through to reduce inflammation and swelling. It's also used for muscle strains from sport injuries and arthritis. I had bought a bottle of it for my mom in the past but didn't know it had a dual purpose. The gel has no smell and absorbs really quickly! After a week of doing this I have to say my bruises have healed pretty quickly!

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