Groupon Scores!

Got some awesome deals from Groupon today: 

$5 for $10 worth of Sephora products! 
Did you know if you create an account at they let you set up a wishlist of products you want to buy! Helps me keep track of things I had an interest in. If you don't know what to buy here are some ideas for you:

glitter nail polish - I love the gold color because it has large chunky pieces of glitter
I just painted my nails this design last night.

sequin nail polish

Bumble & Bumble Straight Blow Dry -  my hairdresser turned me on to it and I love it! You only need a tiny bit.

$19.99 for Just Dance4 for Wii or Kinect for Xbox 360 ($39.99 List Price). Free Shipping and Returns.
I've played this at parties and had a blast dancing to it! 

$4.99 for GenevaCrystal-Embellished Silicone Watches ($19.99 List Price). Free Returns.
I'm not normally a watch wearer but find them useful on vacation. I notice tons of people wearing this style watch in white so it's been on my to buy list. 

Funny vacation watch story for you. Two years ago when I was in Italy I was on high alert against pick pocketers and scammers, so when a man said something to me in Italian and I just shugged my shoulders to say I don't know without speaking to reveal I was a tourist. Then he got an attitude and pointed to the watch on my wrist! lol So I had to learn how to say "what time is it" in Italian so I would recognize the question when asked of me so I don't look like an idiot saying I don't know. lol

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