Chia Pudding

Lately I've been switching out my lunch for Shakeology because I've been going out to eat a lot, but by adding fruit to my shake it's super filling. My afternoon snack has been a cheese stick, however I've found that it makes me sleepy so I wanted to find something new for my afternoon snack. Hello Chia Pudding! I got the recipe from Gena whose raw food class I recently attended and her banana soft serve which was to die for! Chia seeds are packed with healthy Omega-3 (more than flaxseed), fiber and antioxidants. Two tablespoons have as much calcium as a half glass of milk. It has seven times more vitamin C than an orange, three times more iron than spinach, and twice the potassium than in a banana. It helps curb your appetite with the fiber slowing your digestion, the gel breaks down carbs and slow digestion. Definitely a key food for weight loss! 

3 tablespoons chia seeds
1 cup almond milk or coconut beverage
½ TB maple syrup
½ tsp vanilla
sprinkle of cardamom (but you can use cinnamon)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and put in fridge. Then come back twice within the hour to mix again as it tends to separate. Leave overnight to set into a gel.

Note: Don't skip on the spices otherwise it'll have no flavor.

Makes 2 servings. One serving is 140 calories, 5g of protein, 10g of fiber.

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