Fall Casual

I've completed week one of the Fall Style Me Pretty Challenge which has been so much fun to see what the other ladies are wearing and getting ideas from them. Since I'm documenting my outfits every Wednesday with other bloggers in the challenge, I present you the outfits I wore last week and what the assignment was for the based on a fashion trend. 

Trend:  Military jacket, plaid infinity scarf and riding boots
Military style jackets always seem to stay in style and this challenge encouraged me to purchase one. My jacket is sold out but I've seen similar ones at JC Penney or Anthropologie. Payless has a really cute pair of camo pumps. I paired the jacket with a plaid infinity scarf, never worn one of those before. I wasn't sure it would keep my neck warm since it's open in the front but I guess the extra layer of fabric on your chest is what keeps you warm. Not being a big fan of plaid, so I kept it modern with a burberry print. These are my first riding boots! I've been wanting to get a pair for years, but it wasn't until this challenge that I finally did.

Trend: Plaid shirt and puffer jacket
I'm not a big fan of plaid, it's just too lumberjack/country for me. I went for a stylish plaid print in a pretty olive color from the Banana Republic. 

Trend: Dressy Sweatshirt
I needed a new white sweater but it wasn't really on my radar as I'm not usually on the lookout for basics. The challenge called for a dressy sweatshirt and I saw this Animal Jacquard  print tunic and immediately scooped it up! 

Trend: Striped Shirt and leopard flats
You know I actually didn't own any stripped clothing before this challenge. I didn't realize this until a year ago when I was reading a fashion blog where the woman said that her closet was filled with stripped shirts and that she might have a problem. lol It made me want to never venture into the land of stripes. But when I tried this shirt on I thought it looked great and would be very versatile. Just about every store at the mall has striped shirts right now, the problem was finding just the right color and stripe width. I've been wearing leopard flats for years as I think leopard is a neutral and goes with any color. 

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  1. No only are your outfits great, so are the color of the leaves. I love fall! My fave outfit is the one with the scarf, I am crushing on the quilted boots.

  2. Great styling! I love the sweater socks and quilted riding boots. I agree - leopard is a neutral.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous in everything - and I love your photos! So pretty :)!

  4. Oh my, I love everything...the quilted boots, the location, your hair!!!!!

  5. You look so pretty in everything! I love your animal print sweatshirt look! Simple, but very classic and put together!

  6. That little white sweater never would have caught my eye but it looks so pretty on you that I might have to order it. All of your outfits are so cute!

  7. What great outfits AND photos!

  8. Yes, please on those boots!! Great fall look!

    xo, Shauna


  9. the first and last outfits are my fav! you look stunning and perfectly fall fashionable in both! Love the pops of color

  10. I can't believe you didn't own a striped shirt! It looks great on you! The olive top is very hip and modern!