Leggings Love

I've really been enjoying this Fall Style Challenge and get excited every evening when my email comes in with what I'm supposed to wear the next day! One of the items on the original shopping list was leggings and the question was asked of our group of ladies what is the best brand to buy? Well almost unanimously people said HUE leggings were the best! They have an ultra-wide band which is a must have as it helps prevent any bulges on top. You can find HUE leggings at Macy’s.

Now I've never worn leggings before, I don't know it just didn't interest me and I've never worn yoga pants outside of yoga class. I decided to take the plunge and order my first pair of leggings.  Then I had a problem, what do I wear them with? So I ordered a bunch of tunics as I learned that the rule with leggings is that they are not pants and thus should not be worn like pants. It's always ideal to keep your backside covered when wearing them.

For my first look my sweater was a little short in the front so I paired it with a long layering tee to get more coverage. The purple peacock purse I bought on my trip to Thailand. The infinity scarf, riding boots and boot socks were all purchased because of the challenge, never worn this style before but love it now!

For my next look I'm once again wearing a black layering tee as the sweater wasn't quite long enough in the front.

The sweater is from Talbots, never shopped there before but I saw it in the window and loved the color and knew I had to have it! Since I'm stepping outside the box trying out new fashion trends, I'm also trying out a new nail polish shade - Zoya - Jana, it's a purplish grey, totally out of the norm for me. 

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  1. Perfect looks for a fall day! Love the yellow sweater!

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  2. Stopping by from the linkup. I love your yellow sweater! Such a perfect outfit for the pumpkin patch!


  3. that mustard sweater is perfect on you and I love the festive pics!

  4. I love HUE leggings and man, do they ever look awesome on you! Love your style and your picture locations!

  5. What bright beautiful colors!!!! Love it!!!!

  6. Hue leggings are the best!! Love your boot socks!! And that nail color...totally going to find that!!

  7. Great looks Anna! I especially like the mustard sweater! I love Talbots!

  8. You do look fantastic in leggings + your boots are fantastic. Thanks for linking up!