It's Pumpkin Season!

I went to Trader Joe's and they were full force into Pumpkin Palooza! I bought a sugar pumpkin to bake, they are smaller and sweeter than halloween pumpkins and I think they taste better than canned pumpkin. I posted a simple how to recipe here. With the fresh pumpkin puree I make Sugar Free Pumpkin BreadPumpkin Soup, and Pumpkin Shakeology. If you still have some leftover pumpkin makes a great DIY Facial Mask.

If you're wondering what that green thing is, it's a Kabocha Squash that I was surprised to find at Trader Joe's. I use it to make a delicious Thai Pumpkin Curry. I also bought pumpkin waffles, pumpkin macarons (I LOVE macarons), pumpkin cream cheese (healthy ingredients than that Philly brand), pumpkin yogurt (just one because it's high in sugar) and pumpkin butter.

Last year I raved about how great TJ's Coconut Body Butter is. By sheer coincidence I just finished my jar and was going to buy a new one when I saw that TJ's sells Pumpkin Body Butter!

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