Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Over The Knee Boot Trend

I was late to the Over the Knee Boot trend having bought my first pair last year (see this post) but they soon became my favorite purchase. I wasn't sure how practical they would be or how often I'd wear them. But I've actually wore them 7 times in a year! How do I know that you ask? lol I use the Stylebook app to organize my closet. I love how OTK boots seem to make an outfit feel luxe and they are perfect for fall and winter seasons. The boots I got are flat so they are very comfortable to wear but still feel dressy. You can wear them with a sweater dress, a skirt, over skinny jeans or here I paired it with a fit and flare dress. These have definitely become one of my favorite purchases as they are keep you warm and are great for when you don't want to wear tights with your dresses.

I challenge you to try one of the hottest trends of the season, even if you are skeptical if you can pull them off. They elevate any outfit they are paired with! Below you have so many choices to choose from in many colors, I think you will be pleasantly surprised how well they will work for you. If you have wide calves, some of the linked shoes have elastic at the top so you can move with ease. Some of the boots have side zippers to make it easier to put on. The super tall ones are reminiscent of the boots Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman. I hope you find the perfect pair!

I also want to show you how another bloggers styled their boots in a way that I love. Check out
Taylor's post.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Style Faux Leather Pants

I've spent the last two Sundays watching the Game of Thrones. Yes I'm the last person who has never seen an episode! So my friend is changing that by starting a weekly Sunday night viewing party.

It doesn't seem to feel like fall here yet, the trees aren't turning colors and the temperature is still 80s with high humidity. But once the cool weather hits, I like to break out my faux leather pants as they go with anything and give everything an edgier look. I just bought my first pair last year! It's a nice alternative from boring black pants. Now I feel that every gal should have a pair of faux leather pants. Mine only have faux leather on the front, but I have another pair that is just a faux leather strip on the side. You can also pair faux leather pants with an over-sized sweater or a plain white tee, they're very versatile. I paired these pants with a black tunic, taupe hat and pointy shoes. I don't normally wear all black outfits, but I thought this combo made a statement.  I absolutely love the natural glow these pics got from the golden hour sun. 

Once again I'm collaborating with other fab fashion bloggers and who are also are sharing their favorite ways to wear leather. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Trader Joe's New Fall Items

A new Trader Joe's opened up in my city so my mom and I went opening day to check it out. Here are some new foods that have quickly become my favorites.

Cornbread Crisps
Crunchy crackers that taste just like cornbread that are sweet & salty.

Butternut squash mac & cheese
This is absolutely to die for!!!! It's so cheesey with a touch of squash.

Organic Reduced Sugar Cherry Preserves
with 50% less sugar than regular cherry preserves

The next three items I used to always buy at Whole Foods so now I'm excited to find them being offered at Trader Joe's at for cheaper.

Maca Powder
Ancient Peruvian women would give Maca to their men before they went off to battle because it contains high amounts of protein and has been known to energize the central nervous system. For centuries, maca root has been used to combat stress and fatigue. Tosca Reno recommends using maca for weight loss because it's a strong hormone regulator - helpful for weight loss. You can add it to your oatmeal or protein shakes.

Nutritional Yeast
Fortified with B vitamins, these golden flakes provides three grams of protein. I flavor my tofu with it.

 Coconut Aminos
Similar in taste to soy sauce but with less salt and no soy ingredients. Made in Sri Lanka, organic coconut sap is hand-harvested and fermented, then boiled to create an amino-rich sauce—13 amino acids. 

Curried Carrot & Cashew Dip
Similar to hummus, it's a veggie-and-nut based dip.

Just Mango Slices
This is my crack! It's dried mango slices with no added sugar that tastes just like candy! Be careful though TJ's sells the same product with sugar so make sure you pick up the right package. It looks prettier in person.
Just Mango Slices
Cauliflower crust pizza

Organic Kabocha Squash
You can use this frozen squash to make this delicious curry.

Apple Caramel Greek Yogurt
This tastes thick and delicious!
Apple Caramel Greek Yogurt
Butternut Squash Parmigiana
Butternut Squash Parmigiana

Spiced Cider

Pumpkin Marble Mousse Bar 
Pumpkin cheesecake over a brownie base. My mom and I split one package so we wouldn't eat the whole thing. I pre-cut them into pieces so that I only grab one serving at a time.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

White After Labor Day

I think this rule is broken so much that it’s no longer a rule. I wear white year-round, especially in the winter time when I love doing all white outfits. In the fall white jeans can be paired with your favorite chunky sweater. Can we talk about this sweater? A sleeveless sweater is perfect for transitional weather.

Over the weekend I visited the Arboretum and while the leaves haven’t turned colors yet, it was still a nice visit to see the gardens and bonsai trees. The weather was 70 degrees, breezy, and colder in the shade. So, this sweater gave me the perfect amount of warmth. I really like the ivory on white combo. I wrote it with Old Navy’s Rockstar distressed jeans whose fit is amazing. I paired this look with comfy shoes since I had to do a lot of walking to explore the place.  I was also thrilled to break out my wool floppy hat. I think the plum bag and hat make the outfit look more fall.

I'm so excited to share with all of you that I will be collaborating with 9 other fashionable ladies over the next month to bring you some amazing fall fashion content!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Must See Fall TV Shows 2017

Will & Grace
I'm so excited Will & Grace has returned to the air after a 11 year hiatus! I was laughing so hard during last week's premiere. Seems like quite a few shows are coming back: Full House, Roseanne, and Dynasty. You might remember that Karen was friends with Trump so the entire episode was very political which I heard turned off some people. Before the Nov. election, the cast got together to do a political PSA video, and that led to them thinking about doing the show again so I assume that's why this first episode was so political. You'll also notice that Megan Mullally has as slimmer figure since we last saw her.

The cast was on the Megyn Kelly show, the new 9am hour of the Today show and afterwards Debra Missing wrote in the comments under one of her instagram pics that she regretted being on there, here's the video. I think I was more surprised a celebrity was responding to comments on instagram! lol  The show has already been picked up for a second season so I look forward to watching! You can catch it Thursdays at 9pm on NBC or you can watch it for free online if you missed it. Reminds me of the good old days when all my favorite TV shows were on Thursday nights: Seinfeld, Will and Grace, Frasier, Without a Trace, and CSI.

Seal Team
There's a few military inspired shows this season, but the critiques seem to give Seal Team their stamp of approval. The show follows an elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high stakes clandestine operations around the world. You can catch it Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

I'm also watching the new seasons of Dancing with the Stars and Modern Family. One of my most popular posts this year is What's New on Netflix  and if you like Orange is the New Black I highly recommend the Australian version Wentworth. What are you watching this fall?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

5 Reasons to Be Excited For Fall


It's officially fall, I can't believe summer went by so fast! Every year I pull out my Fall Bucket List and look forward to all the fun activities this season brings!  Last year I joined a Fall Fashion Challenge which made fall a fun season to get dressed in for me! Here are my top 5 reasons when you should be excited for fall!
  1. Fall Fashion : I'm layering with cozy cardigans, wearing plaid, infinity scarves, riding boots, puffer vests, corduroys, military jackets, leggings and booties. Here are some of my looks from last fall:
2. Pumpkin Flavored Everything
Check out my recipes for Pumpkin SoupPumpkin CurrySugar Free Pumpkin BreadPumpkin Baked Oatmeal, and Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeal. My favorite pumpkin products from Trader Joe's. My favorite pumpkin yogurt. And a DIY Pumpkin Mask.

3. Changing color of the leaves - crisp fall air and chilly weather = making s'mores. See pictures from my trip to the Arboretum last fall when the leaves had turned pretty colors!
4. Fall Activities - corn mazes, apple picking, pumpkin carving, haunted houses, hay rides, and bonfires with friends.

5. Halloween - my favorite holiday! What should I be this year??? Got a few ideas up my sleeve!

originally published September 24, 2015

Monday, September 18, 2017

Favorite Skincare Products

I like to change skincare brands when I finish a bottle of product so every year I'm trying something new out on my skin. I'm really lucky that right now my skin is pretty normal. The only issues I have is a few milia on my forehead and blackheads on my nose. Milia are tiny skin colored bumps that no amount of physical exfoliation will get rid of and they don't go away on their own. To remove it you have to make an incision into the skin, not like popping a zit where you can just squeeze the skin with your nails, you have to use a tiny needle.  Best to go to an esthetician and ask for extractions. But you do have a few options at home with chemical exfoliation in the form of light peels, BHA and retinols.

Right now I'm using Paula's Choice products which is an affordable skincare line that does not test on animals. I used her products 10 years ago, but then got caught up in all the pricey things at Sephora, but have now decided to go back to her. Her line is only sold on her website but she has free shipping.

I use this product twice a day which helps to exfoliate my dead skin and smooth the bumps. BHA stands for beta hydroxy acid, also known as salicylic acid which helps skin prone to blemishes and clogged pores. It also helps to diminish the look of fine lines, improve uneven skin tone, and smooth out rough texture. As we age our skin sheds dead skin slower so a chemical exfoliant helps the renewal process. I apply this immediately after my toner, without waiting for my toner to dry first and then immediately apply my other products without having to wait for the BHA gel to dry. You can use a BHA in conjunction with a retinol as a retinol does not exfoliate the skin. The BHA removes the dead skin on the surface layers which help retinol absorb better.

RESIST Brightening Essence
This product is made of licorice extract, arbutin, vitamin C, and niacinamide, along with peptides to help brighten uneven skin tone.

RESIST C15 Super Booster
A Vitamin C serum has been a key part of my skincare routine for a long time, everyone should be using one. It helps with collagen production and reduces the appearance of skin discolorations. When choosing a vitamin C serum you want to make sure it's in an opaque bottle to protect it from light, has a dropper to protect it from air, and the ingredients list "ascorbic acid". I've used many different brands and they are all priced at $100 for 1 oz and make your face sticky. Paula's Choice serum also has hyaluronic acid in it which helps hydrate skin.  Vitamin C helps retinol work better by making it more effective longer.

I use a Clarisonic brush to cleanse my skin a few times a week for extra exfoliation, but I've also started using the PMD tool which is a once a week microdermabrasion treatment that exfoliates and removes the top layer of dead skin. The tool uses suction and a disposal spinning disc that is embedded with aluminum oxide crystals that exfoliate away dead and dull cells from the surface of your skin. This helps skincare products penetrate your skin deeper to maximize their results.

Occasionally I also use Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel Packettes. As their most popular product, it has a combination of BHA and AHA (glycolic and lactic acids).  I think it is a holy grail product that I always hear that everyone loves.

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