Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Workwear

It finally feels like summer here and the humidity has kicked in early! By now I'm sure you've gone through your closet to see what you can wear this season, what no longer fits, and what you no longer feel like wearing. And if you're like me, that means there's not much left to wear! lol So I put a few things up for sale on Tradesy, it's an online consignment store. I have so many fun weekend clothes, but not much I feel is stylish for work so I went shopping. 

In the top row, the first three dresses are from Kate Spade. I love the "jardin" print! it comes in several dress styles, a romper, several bag styles, a scarf, skirt, blouse, shorts and a phone case. The blue dress and peacock dress are on sale! 

In the summertime I love wearing pastel pink nail polish and mauve pale pink clothing. I've shared a couple pink dresses, blazer, blouse and Kate Spade bag that you can find in a pretty shade of pink. 

I've noticed in stores that stripes are really in trend right now. The great thing about wearing a striped dress or shirt is that in your air-conditioned office you can pair it with a jeweled colored cardigan like emerald or royal purple. Together the colors will pop!

The sleeveless navy ponte sheath dress in the 2nd row is from Lands'End. They make this same dress every year in different colors. I love this dress because it's washable, doesn't need to be ironed and has pockets. It's a perfect work staple! It comes in a range of colors, prints and plus sizes. Chico's makes the pull-on slimming crops pants and the kelly green linen side slit tunic.

You can never go wrong with a pair of espadrilles wedge heels. Click on the images below to go to the item.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

48 Hours in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is one of my favorite weekend destinations even though I haven't been in seven years. From the white sandy beaches, palm trees, turquoise warm waters to the overall sexy vibe of the city. Last month I had a 2-day layover there between flights and I was so lucky to get perfect weather – sunny skies, low 80s with no rain. I loved walking around at night with the warm crisp breezes. I divided my time between Wynwood and South Beach.

The energy was amazing! In South Beach everything is walking distance. People are walking around in their swimsuits on the sidewalks. On the beach, people had music blasting. I started my day with walking up and down the beach in the water, enjoying the waves splashing on my ankles and the cool breezes. I took pictures of all the colorful, art-deco inspired lifeguard stands. There’s 29 stands in total and I got to see one of the newest ones recently added to the beach. Last year they auctioned off some of the older ones for only $400! The new stands feature impact windows and aluminum hardware to protect against hurricanes.

Later I laid out on a chair on the beach alternating between that and going in the ocean. The water is shallow for a long ways out so it was easy to just sit and relax in the water for long stretches of time as the gentle waves pushed me over.

I looked long and hard for a yellow dress for Miami, it just screams beachy doesn’t it?

On my departure day I had a 1pm flight to Jamaica, so I how did I spend my morning you ask? With a 5:30am workout, yes you heard me correct! First time ever waking up this early to workout. When my alarm went off at 4:30am it was dark outside and painful to get up. I thought why am I doing this to myself? Because afterwards I went straight to the beach to watch the sunrise at 6:30am. I thought I’d be the only person there but there were at least a dozen others - some tourists to see the sunrise, a group of ladies doing their morning power walk and surprisingly a few homeless people sleeping on the beach. The view was totally worth getting up that early! Afterwards I bought some green juice and had a 7:30am apt at the Drybar to get my hair blown out. So glad Miami has a blowdry bar!

Where to Eat
This trip I tried something different and stayed away from all the tourist traps on Ocean Drive. I went a few blocks off Ocean to get more of an authentic food experience.

Cibo Wine Bar South Beach: Huge Italian restaurant
DIRT: Healthy food
The Salty Donut: Gourmet donuts located in Miami but they deliver
Jugofresh: Juice bar
Joe & The Juice: Get your early morning green juice fix
Full Bloom: Gourmet vegan cuisine with sunset view (below)

It's hard to see in this photo, but in the distance is the Intercontinental hotel which has a 200-foot LED display of dancing lady  on the side of the building, check out the video

Where to Drink
Bar Centro: Outdoor bar by José Andrés.
Skybar at Shore Club: Moroccan inspired outdoor bar

Where to Stay
One tip for choosing a hotel in Miami Beach, never stay at a hotel past 24th street because you want to stay right in the heart of everything and walking distance to Ocean Drive. Whenever you look at a hotel, check the address first! Many hotels offer free chairs on the beach so be sure to check that is included in your stay! When I walked up to the hut on the beach and they had the names of all the hotel guests staying that night.

DREAM Hotel: boutique hotel with beautifully decorated rooms, a small rooftop pool, and one block from the beach.
1 Hotel: not the easiest name to google right? But this hotel has beautifully decorated rooms, a rooftop pool on the 18th floor with cabanas, day beds and drinks poolside - an adult playground. They have a second larger pool at ground level. There's a soulcycle next to the hotel.
Loews: At $400 a night this hotel is used for a lot of corporate conferences and families. This is the most centrally located hotel with almost 800 rooms, and pool next to the beach's boardwalk.
Washington Park Hotel: This is a party central hotel where you can find rates from $100. It's located 4 blocks from the beach, has a small pool that young people are always hanging around.
Whitelaw Hotel: a small boutique hotel that has been updated with nice decor, just 1 block to the beach.

Hopefully my guide will be helpful to you!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wynwood Art Walk

Continuing from my last post on Wynwood Walls, I wanted to share some of my favorite walls. The walls are continuously changing, what you might see someone post on Instagram today won't be there when you go in a few months. I had watched the movie Lion  a few months ago and got the idea to start using google satellite to find walls in Wynwood. I just "drove" up and down the streets on my computer and stumbled up on this unique wall.

When I walked around the neighborhood I peeked into an alleyway and was excited to see another installation of the 10,000 Buddha project by artist Amanda Giacomini. She’s painting them in cities around the world, with each buddha on one wall being different. The wall in DC is orange.

photography: danielle margherite

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wynwood Walls Miami

The Wynwood walls is something I've wanted to see for a few years now. One morning, I ditched the beach and wandered around Wynwood where everything is art. Wynwood was once an unsafe warehouse district in Miami that has been transformed into an outdoor mural gallery with amazing artists from around the world that change frequently. It’s turning into one of the hippest areas, although still pretty empty during the day so not totally safe as I was informed by a local. The graffiti covered warehouse district has lots of artist studios, art galleries, museums, schools, an independent film cinema, fitness studios, an indoor machine gun range, fashion retailers, and a furniture store just to name a few. My favorite mural in all of Wynwood is by Maya Hayuk (pictured above). I love the colors and patterns!

Wynwood Walls starts off in a gated area where you will see a concentration of many murals in one area. There was also security on hand so that tells you something. The gates don’t open until 10:30am. Wynwood has a few eaters in the area. Connecting to the entrance is Jugofresh where I stopped for some green juice for breakfast and saw this green wall of fans. For lunch I went to an outdoor food truck area to Della's Test Food Kitchen for some delicious healthy plant-based food.

I had to get the best donuts in Miami at the Salty Donut. They have delicious matcha lemonade and tres leche donuts. You’ve never seen innovative donuts like these! They usually sell out by early afternoon so get there early.

Here I'll share some of my favorite walls. If you like art this place is for you.

This flower wall I'd seen all over instagram, unfortunately those pics were taken during better days as now it looks pretty weather worn.

A walked by this photoshoot, was cool to see guys doing this too! lol

I've always had a thing for wall murals, although I don't post them on my blog much. Here are a few blog posts I have featuring wall murals:
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