Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Style Trend: Military Camouflage

Camo print seems to always be coming back into style. Check out this collage I complied of Rhianna  over the years. I wasn't a fan of the onesie (first pic) though. lol Did you see her hair style at the American Music Awards on Sunday? Here's the reaction to it.

I've found so many stores have camo print in their fall line right now! But I think the trend is different this year because I've noticed people are styling it more chic. I just bought myself a pair of camo leggings that I'm going to style with these red pumps!

Camouflage Military


Couple sale alerts:
If you're a Vera Bradley fan, she's doing a sale on ebay, it's legit because it's from her store, not a secondary seller. Free shipping over $50.

If you buy $150 in gift cards at Safeway you get a $25 coupon for groceries.

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