Weekend in New York

I spent the weekend in NYC with my cousin and we had a blast! I was lucky enough to score one of the elusive $1 Bolt Bus fares. The ride went by really fast because I was read a riveting book on my kindle. I was worried because the forecast was supposed to be 60% rain all day but we only had two 5-minute downpours. I have never been to NYC in the summertime even though I went to college there but always went home in the summertime. Since then I've gone back once a year to visit but it's always either spring, fall or Christmastime so it was a lot different to see the city in hot humid weather. The sun was shining and I saw so many people riding bikes and walking around with yoga mats.  

I walked through Union Square and they had a farmers market with a rainbow of colors! Carrots, beets and tomatoes in orange, yellow and purple; white eggplant, sweet corn and lots of flowers. 

A couple weeks ago on the cover of the Wall Street Journal I read an article on street art so we checked out some pieces in Little Italy as well as had some cannoli. In fact we walked all day long, so hopefully we burned off those calories! We were constantly buying water bottles and seeking out the shady side of the street. We went to Central Park and I saw a section I had never seen before and got lost on the way out walking in circles. lol We walked past the zoo, to the Bethesda Fountain with its beautiful water lilies and lotus, and the crowds watching the famed street performer Throth who has been performing under the Angel Tunnel for years. Coincidentally this video was filmed the day we were there but we didn't see this incident but it gives you an idea of his art if you watch the whole short video. I enjoyed sitting at the boat house watching the turtles pop their heads out the water and people paddle boats. On the way out we passed tons of cyclists and the Guitar Man in Central Park which had a number of people sitting in the grass in front of him listening. We ended the day at the Brooklyn Bridge Park for a gorgeous view of the city. Of course we went to a couple clubs with table service and danced the night away!

I had a green tea facial at a Japanese spa which was so relaxing and my skin looked vibrant afterwards. I didn't get much sleep the night before because we stayed up late to chat so that morning I rushed out without eating breakfast. But I remember reading in Cameron Diaz's book that her makeup artist can tell by looking at her skin if she's eaten yet and won't touch her face until she does. So I stopped by Liquiteria which is the original chain of juice bars in NYC going back almost 20 years. I was totally overwhelmed by the menu and it was packed with people. They offered samples of their delicious new fall smoothie the Applecrisp which I will have to replicate at home. I ended up getting a brown juice called the Skin Trip which has Parsley, Spinach, Cucumber, Carrots, Liver Kidney Lymph Detox, and Aloe Vera. My neighbor told me she drinks aloe vera juice daily and it's done wonders for the elasticity for her skin. I have aloe vera juice in my fridge but I've only ever used it for my hair. After I had my juice I just happen to walk by the vegan food truck the Cinnamon Snail which I've wanting to try forever but not living in the city never had time to chase down a food truck. I was so excited to see it and got the tempeh reuben sandwich which was so delicious! 

My cousin spent the day being a vegetarian with me! lol We went to a the vegan sushi bar Beyond Sushi which my carnivore cousin said was absolutely amazing. I never get sushi because veggie rolls are boring and don't fill me up, so this was a really unique and exiting experience for me! We had the Mighty Mushroom roll which tastes like fresh mushrooms with a delicious cream on top, unlike anything I've ever had before. The roll in back of the picture is the Spicy Mang which is mango/avocado and spicy veggies. The rolls looked immaculate, I was so impressed with the assortment. They demonstrated that sushi without fish can be amazing. For dinner we went to my favorite vegan restaurant in NYC, that I go to every time I'm in the city - Blossom.

A few of the apps I used while there was the Charmin Sit or Squat (bathroom finder), Central Park app which had a useful map locating me on it, and something I should have invented myself the Exit Strategy NYC Subway Map which saves you valuable time by telling you where to stand to make your next connection. 

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