SoulCycle - Tap It Back

SoulCycle opened up a new location in my city and I was excited to try out this cult following people rave about with a friend. SoulCycle is a boutique cycling studio that gives a total body spinning workout that infuses the energy of the music into the workout and uses light hand weights. During my first class, I was given 1 lb dumbbells but thought they were too light so I asked for a 2 lb pair. This is what differentiates SoulCycle from other spinning classes - they include triceps and chest exercises, think doing a push up while spinning. I have to admit this was a challenge for me. The high energy music blasting out the speakers in the dark room made it feel like a club atmosphere. The instructor kept calling us “Tuesday Night” and doing fist pumps in the air. Her kick ass energy and upbeat music kept me motivated to push myself harder. Most of the ride was done off of the saddle We were often asked to "tap-back" which are is a subtle movement of a standing ab crunch. 

 The walls in the studio are painted with SoulCycle slogans and mantras. The lights go out at the start of class and the room is only illuminated by candles and a few spotlights on the instructor. I was in awe of how fast some of the other students legs could spin as I was barely keeping up. They encouraged me to go faster. Several times during the class the instructor asked us to high five our neighbor! I’ve done spin classes before but nothing like this. Usually I get bored with spin class and can’t wait for it to be over, but at SoulCycle the 45 min class went by so quickly!  We finished class with stretching and yogic breathing - closing our eyes and with our hands over our heart. 

I sweated a ton, but honestly I think it’s because they don’t turn the a/c on until one third of the way into the class. Classes are expensive as one class is $30 and they don’t offer monthly memberships. You can buy class passes but you only save $1 or $2.  Then shoe rentals are $3, see you clip into the bike. And getting my foot off the bike was a challenge afterwards. lol I ended up just taking my foot out of my shoe and leaving the shoe attached to the bike. All in all it was a fun challenging workout. I took two classes with different instructors to get a good sense of the studio, but the price will deter me from coming back too often.

But at least they don’t charge you for a towel. When you book a class you must also reserve a specific bikes (there's 60 bikes in the studio). I was very impressed by how awesomely friendly and helpful the staff was. The place is small, there’s a small co-ed locker room that gets congested but I like how the lockers are combination locks, all gyms should have this.

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