Twice Born

Based on the bestselling book of the same name by Italian author Margaret Mazzantini, the movie (released in 2012) stars Penélope Cruz and Emile Hirsch who both gave powerful performances. 

There's a big twist at the end that I won't spoil for you. The movie has a  few twists and turns that I never saw coming and it really makes you think. It's the story of an Italian grad student who travels to Sarajevo (when it was still part of Yugoslavia) for her doctoral thesis. There she meets an Italian photographer whom she later marries and then discovers she is infertile. Without giving too much away their story line continues with several trips back to Sarajevo during the backdrop of the 1990s Balkan wars which you can read more about it here. 

I vacationed in Croatia and Slovenia 6 years ago and they're beautiful countries! Did you know that Rome doesn't have the only Colosseum, the Croatian city of Pula has one and many other Roman ruins. Dubrovnik, the walled city on the Adriatic Sea is now a popular cruise ship destination. Every major city I visited that was next to the sea had crystal clear blue waters so anyone could jump off the pier and swim. Croatia is very close to Venice, you can take a bus or a 2 hour ferry ride. But as I drove through the countryside there were still signs up warning of landmines. Because I had visited this country and was familiar with their history, and  this movie piqued my interest.

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