Boozy Apricot Pops

I absolutely love this flavor combination!  I love Indian food and the spice cardamom. A local gelato place sells cardamom ice cream and that quickly became my favorite flavor! Apricots are an ignored fruit I think. I enjoy eating them when they're in season, it's a mix of peach and melon. I've used them in a smoothie recipe in the past because in the blender they become a smooth thick texture. Make sure you're using soft to the touch apricots that are fully ripe. You can use bourbon or whisky interchangeable. The coconut milk make these very creamy! I use a no calorie sugar, but if you sub it for honey or maple syrup this will be a little higher in calories and will have a lot more sugar in it.

Apricots to me are a delicacy of a fruit. It has a short season, just in the summer. Dried they are also delicious, but you can’t eat too many or else you end up with gas pains. lol Apricots are rich in carotenoids which are good for protecting your eyesight. Originally they come from China but now the top producers of it are Turkey, Italy, Russia, Spain, Greece, U.S.A. and France. When I think of how to consume apricots I envision either Moroccan couscous or apricot jam in cookies. I’m trying new ways to consume it with these popsicles and an oatmeal recipe coming soon.

This recipe can also be made with plain yogurt instead of coconut milk. You can make this recipe with fresh apricots, however the flavor of apricots really blossoms when cooked because the heat intensifies their flavor and their sweetness is released.  You have two options to do make them from good to amazing:

Cook over medium- low heat for 5 minutes with some sugar, stirring often. Once the sugar has melted and the apricots are soft you can pureed it. 

Alternatively you can roast them at 400F drizzled with some honey and cardamom pods for 15 min.  Then flip over for another 5 minutes. You’ll know they’re done when they are completely soft and their juices are bubbles up around the edges of the pan.

3 apricots, halved, pits removed
3 TB Ideal sugar
½ can of full fat coconut milk
½ ts ground cardamom
2 TB Whisky

  1. Mix all ingredients in your blender and pour into your molds. 
  2. Twirl the sticks in your mold around to get rid of the air bubbles.
  3. Freeze for 6 hours or overnight. 
Nutritional Analysis
Makes 5 popsicles
109 cal, 7g fat, 3g of sugar

Recipe adapted from tasty-yummies

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