30 Wears Challenge

The #30wearschallenge was created in response to fast fashion and overconsumption to encourage a slower approach to fashion. I want to focus more on what I have right now and how I can get the most out of it, taking a break from shopping so I can allow myself to see what I have. Ultimately the goal is buying fewer, more sustainable pieces of clothing that you can wear 30 times.  Did you know the average times a piece of clothing is worn is only seven! When you buy something, you should think "will I wear this 30 times?" This will help you shop more carefully and wisely and learn to embrace outfit repeating. I use the Stylebook app to track how often I wear my clothes but there is also the 30wears app and Indyx. If you're looking for a fun New Years Resolution that you could actually achieve, try this!

For this challenge I'm thinking of just my cold weather clothing for now. I went through my closet and selected 28 items that I want to challenge myself to wear 30 times in the next 5 months, then I'll create another list for the summer. The items I selected are a mix of new purchases, pieces I've worn close to 30 times, and old pieces I've only worn a couple times. 

Vogue had an interesting article called Personal style is trapped in the algorithm’s echo chamber about how you can tell that someone is  chronically on tiktok based on how they appear as they participate in fashion culture in a certain way wearing the same signifiers as everyone else.  “It’s getting more and more palpably exhausting to see the exact same three or four aesthetics.” I think personal style can be shopping your own closet for what you already own and styling new outfits out of it. 

I own about 30 handbags but I tend to reach for same two all the time. I have a closet for my shoes and purses where I keep them displayed but for this challenge I took out the 4 bags I use the least and put them on the floor next to my coat closet. This way every time I head out the house, I will select one of the bags on the floor that all match my winter lavender coat. 2021 was the second year of the pandemic and the year I got into designer bags. I bought three of these bags that year yet the blue velvet bag I have worn all of 3 times! The pink bag I only used one time; I used to wear a ton of light pink but I've totally phased out of that color from my wardrobe. The gold bag I have worn all of 5 times. The silver bag I bought this year because I felt I needed a bag to go with my metallic pants (pictured above) and have only worn it 2 times. 

This year I got into blazers. Before I really only wore a black blazer for interviews. I now have four new blazers: brown corduroy, purple velvet, double breasted tweed, and a cropped cream boucle jacket that I want to wear more.

In the wintertime I don't really wear bracelets and necklaces so that's why I didn't include them on this list. The open ring is my favorite ring to wear and I've worn it 22 times already.  The circle green ring I've worn 19 times. So  I want to get both to 30 wears since I'm so close!

Winter is peak hat wearing season for me! What you don't realize is that it's actually too hot to wear straw hats in the summer because it makes you sweat more and thus your hair comes out looking crazy. Then in fall/winter you can't wear a hat on a windy day because it will fall off. So you always have to find the right conditions to wear hats. I listed my two favorite felt hats and one I have worn 14 times and the other only 5 times. So want to make sure I reach for those more instead of my cashmere beanies. 

My fair isle sweater I bought in 2019 and have worn 21 times. Every year I always see a new fair isle sweater in stores that I love but resist buying because I have a perfectly good one that I always get compliments on! So I try to be intentional and mindful to remember to wear it a bunch of times every December and January. 

 I realized I didn't have a basic white sweater so I bought two in December. One from Everlane that is 42% Merino Wool, 31% Cotton, 27% Alpaca. For sweaters I always look at fabric content and try to stay away from polyester.  Thus I chose ones that were made of high quality fabrics so I paid a little more than I would have if I bought a similar one from Old Navy that is polyester. Hence, I want to make sure I get my cost per wear out of them. If you scroll to the bottom of any items page on Everlane's website,  it tells you the actual cost to make the item which I find astounding! 

The other sweater is from Sezane, my favorite place to shop for sweaters, and is made from 33% Kid mohair, 33% Wool, 28% Polyamide, 6% Elastane. I've been learning about Kibbe body types, I'm a Soft Dramatic, and big details on sweaters like braids look amazing on my body type. 

I bought three booties this fall but have only worn the white pair twice and not the other two. Links to them are in this post. 

Purple is my favorite color and over the years believe it not its a color I hardly ever see in stores. But this winter it was everywhere so I stocked up! I want to shine in my purple! I'm jealous of people who shine in red, its such a powerful color but it always misses the mark on me. Purple however goes beautifully with my skin tone and I always get compliments when I wear it. The stylebook app is so awesome as it gives you all kinds of stats about your closet; it tells me that the top two colors of clothes in my closet are white and purple. 

In conclusion, the 30 wear challenge is a commitment to wearing a new item of clothing at least 30 times. You don't have to give up shopping, but the challenge trains you to invest well. Clothing may be seasonal, but that doesn’t need to be one and done, especially when party dresses that are typically more expensive to begin with. Ask yourself these four questions before you buy anything:

  1. Is it good quality? fabric makeup
  2. Does it fit me well? I always check pant length in online listings so I don't get it in the mail and realize oh this is too long and I rarely wear heels
  3. What will I wear it with? I use the stylebook app to see if I can make a few outfits with a new piece of clothing before I buy it
  4. What is the cost per wear ratio?  Divide its price tag by the number of times you've worn it. So if I buy an expensive piece of clothing but wear it a lot of times, it was worth the money. 

Reducing the amount of un-worn clothing in our closets makes it easier and more joyful to get dressed in the morning because everything you own sparks joy for you. This method of shopping wiser and re-wearing clothes more often will be better for your wallet. 

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