Wean Green - Glass Food Storage Containers

I was in the market for some new tupperware containers and my co-worker was telling me how glass containers are better. I'd heard this before that it's not good to reheat your food in plastic containers but just thought glass would be too heavy. I finally did some research into it and thought since I microwave my lunch everyday and take care about what kind of water bottle I use, I thought naturally I should switch to glass food containers.

The dimensions of the containers I bought are 4.5 inches by 2.6 inches and weigh less than 2 lbs! I was so worried about carrying glass in my purse but it's very small and light. It snaps close and does not leak. The best part is it can also go in the oven! Their website says you may reheat up to 300 degrees in the oven. So I finally have ramekins and have been making baked oatmeal in them. They're also dishwasher safe and microwavable. It's 5x stronger than regular glass. I store cut open avocado in it and it stays green days later in the fridge! In plastic containers my avocados would always turn brown.

If you're wondering what I ate for lunch here, it's one serving (measured) of spinach penne, with lentils, and broccoli. In a separate container I didn't microwave I had a little cheese and oil for sauce. 410 calories with 22g of protein and 12g fiber

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