Vegan Shakeology

I'm so excited beachbody has tweaked the vegan shakes to have a smoother, creamier consistency and improved flavor. I thought it tasted great before, but now Chocolate Vegan has more cocoa for an intense chocolate flavor and Tropical Strawberry Vegan has succulent guava. They've also reduced their sugar and carbs! The reason I started drinking Shakeology two years ago, a whole year before I signed up as a coach, was because it was the best clean superfood rich protein shake on the market and I did my research. The vegan flavors are made from plant based protein (instead of whey) including oat, pea and rice proteins that has all 9 essential amino acids. The best part is it's a natural source of prebiotics and fiber.

Shakeology has been my daily dose of dense nutrition. I'm on home delivery which means I get a new box shipped to me every month because I drink it daily as my afternoon snack. It gives me energy for the afternoon, keeps my blood sugar level so I don't snack on something unhealthy plus gives me an extra protein boost in my day. I rotate between the different flavors every month. However it comes with a recipe calendar with 30 days of recipes of things to mix into your shakeology. So really every day I'm drinking a different flavor, it never gets old. I started a new job this year and I noticed that their fridge is a tad colder than any other I've used. So when I put my vegan chocolate shake in there in the morning, by afternoon it has a pudding consistency, doesn't do that with any other flavor. For me it's great because I basically get to eat chocolate pudding every afternoon! yay!

I even take it on vacation, pictured above was on the beach with me in Panama last year. I find that when I travel breakfast will be a buffet but most of it is unhealthy or just not stuff I want to eat, so I like knowing I have the option of something healthy as a backup to gorging on a ton of calories.

If you've been wanting to try Shakeology but don't want to commit to full bag try out the Sampler Pack which comes with four (whey) flavors:  Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate and Greenberry for only $20. Or click on the picture below for vegan chocolate.

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