Happy Mother's Day!

My mother told me not to buy her a necklace this year since she has plenty. In the past I've made her an edible arrangement, only cost me $20 to make! This year I made her a Lime Peppermint Foot Soak because she has one of those portable foot spas that gives you a massage so I thought this would be a great addition to add to the water.

Funny story here, I bought her a bouquet of flowers yesterday and as I was walking home I just happened to see her waiting at a bus stop (totally random!) so I thought perfect I can hand her the flowers now instead of taking them home and keeping them in water. But then the bus pulled up! So I ran to the stop, got on the bus and gave her the flowers, she was so surprised! As I'm sure everyone else on the bus was too! lol

We're going to spend the day together today and in addition to the books I bought her (below) I'm going to give her the gift of helping her restore calm and order in her home. She always enjoys when I help her declutter her space and reorganize her closet. I know my mother always appreciates the gift of time.

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