My First Chiropractor Visit

I've always had this small issue that when I do I minor twist I get a muscle spasm in my lower back that is extremely painful and debilitating but only lasts 5 seconds, nothing lasting after that so I've just ignored it for years. It's always the same movement in my bedroom to put the phone down, you'd think I'd learn by now. lol Lately it's picked up frequency so I mentioned this to a friend and she told me to see a chiropractor. Turns out my insurance covers it at a $10 co-pay so I thought why not!

Well I had no idea what to expect and was nervous. I heard that many chiropractors see all their patients together in one room, but luckily that wasn't the case with my doctor. I spent a good 45 min on my first visit with him discussing my over all health, my diet, my vitamins, my posture, everything. He checked my blood pressure but didn't take x-rays. He tested my strength by making me hold different positions against his resistance. Then he did some adjustments on me which made my body make a snapping noise which I'm not going to lie alarmed me but he said that was normal. He literally popped my back but it didn't hurt.

He told me I needed to come back for a series of 10 appointments which is typical with chiropractic medicine, it's not a one time visit like with a regular doctor. He fixed me on a good program to get rid of my muscle imbalance and recommended that I strengthen my core muscles. Honestly that's something I slack off on but now I realize it's really important to my overall body health. Having a healthy spine is a big part of being healthy so I'm going to do whatever I need to do on an ongoing basis to make sure I protect it to stay healthy. He said it's most likely a muscle imbalance pulling something out of alignment, so I'm hoping with regular appointments it will not continue to happen. He also put some tape on back which surprisingly feels warm, strengths the area and stays on through showering.

I found out that a chiropractor treats a range of things from allergy relief, back pain during pregnancy, reducing stress, migraines (yes chiropractors help with headaches), menstrual pain, helps children with ADHD, autism and other mood disorders. Apparently adjustments work to improve the function of the nervous system. So this allows the nervous system to function at it's optimal level, thus the nervous system is quicker and more efficient in balancing the body's chemistry which in turn eliminates mood disorders. Improved nerve function works to energize the body, allowing for higher function during the day and allowing us to think more clearly. And what interested me the most is that allows for a better and more restful sleep!

In short I learned that chiropractic care is not just for people in pain, but is good just to keep your nervous system and spine healthy.
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