Top 5 Summer Must-Haves for Frizzy Hair

I'm an extremely active person, I love working out and luckily I don't sweat very much, but running is a whole another ball game, it leaves my hair a wet sweaty mess. My hair texture is not meant to be washed more than once a week because shampooing more than that would be too drying as would the extra blowdry and flat ironing.  And dry shampoo is not for my hair texture either. Plus being a blonde it's very important for me to keep my hair healthy so I moisture my hair every single night. So I needed to find a way to get frizz free beautiful hair. Now on my running days (2-3x a week) I blast just my bang roots with the blow-dryer to dry out any sweat from my workout and put in a little defrizzer product. This only takes a minute verses if I were to wash my whole head that takes over an hour!

If you're avoiding working out because you're afraid your workout regimen will wreak havoc on your hair, be sure to wear a headband made of cotton while working out so that it will absorb the sweat and keep it away from your hairline so it won't become drier than normal. Here's my top products that I rotate between so I don't have to wear a hat all the time! lol The L'oreal and Shea Moisture products are under $10. Ouidad was the first salon in the country that catered to curly haired people so I made an appointment to check out the salon when I'm in California.

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