Maxi Dresses

We all have a fashion trend we've never tried, for me it was maxi dresses until about two years ago when I bought my first maxi dress only because it had my favorite print of all time on it. I guess I erroneously thought that maxi dresses were just meant to be body cover-ups, but svelte celebs do wear them. I guess it's just that I'm a fan of wearing less clothing when it's hot and don't enjoy sweeping the ground with my dress, so I never got the comfy vibe from the maxi dress. However I do feel that every wardrobe should have at least one maxi dress. You can accessorize with statement necklaces to really make them stand out and fun sandals. They would be awesome addition for your summer beach vacation as well if it's made of a wrinkle free cool light fabric.

I was reading a lifestyle blog once where the author said she had an obsession with stripped shirts and you know what throughout her blog she was frequently wearing a striped shirt! I had never put much thought into it but realized I didn't own any striped shirts. So I bought one to fill the void, but then decided I didn't want to be a collector of them and refrain from buying anymore. lol I also don't tend to wear clothing with patterns on it. So I recently finally came to realize that my closet is made up primarily of solid colors! lol Likewise you can see my search of current maxi styles in stores reflects my personal taste - must be a bright color (no black) and must be a solid (minus the colorblock one). I saw a few dresses that didn't really have room for a necklace because of the neckline, I think such plain dresses need a necklace so any offending necklines were axed! I like how most of these dresses have a defined waste so the dress isn't hanging on you.

One month until summer, I guess I should start on a new summer bucket list.

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