The 12 Traits of the Greats

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Dave Martin in person when he was a guest preacher at my church and I attended his Ultimate Life Success Seminar which gave powerful wisdom. He is a Christian Success Coach and if you read my previous posts on Positive Affirmation and Working Hard on Your Goals you know that I enjoy reading books that talk about personal development. Dave wrote a fantastic book teaching principles to elevate your life. The 12 traits are: Responsibility, Mindset, Passion, Imagination, Relationships, Focus, Courage, Persistence, Integrity, Adaptability, Wisdom and Generosity. For instance he says you, and only you, are responsible for where you are in life. He says that your relationships with people are the key to your success and happiness. First step to changing your life is changing your view of yourself because that can what is holding you back from having success in life! The only reason people fail is a lack of focus in their lives.

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