Wrap Up of Pumpkin Week

I stopped by my favorite grocery store - Trader Joe's and saw that the shelves were full of pumpkin overload! There were sugar pumpkins for baking for only $2 and lots of small decorative pumpkins in various colors. First I'll tell you what I didn't get even though I was eyeing them lol - pumpkin pop tarts, pumpkin cereal bars, pumpkin croissants, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin biscotti, and pumpkin bread mix (two kinds).

I got a huge haul at TJs! 
  • pumpkin greek yogurt (a one time treat since its high in sugar)
  • pumpkin butter (I measure one serving when I use it)
  • cranberry apple butter (low in cal and sugar)
  • fig butter
  • pumpkin macarons
  • pumpkin cream cheese (only consuming a half serving each day at breakfast on my toast)
  • pumpkin ravioli
  • organic tuscan kale (loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, high in beta carotene, one of the world's most nutritionally dense vegetables)
  • pecan pumpkin instant oatmeal (this is super sweet and I serve it with almond milk and a half scoop of vanilla shakeology  to add more protein)
  • pumpkin frozen waffles (to be eaten with the pumpkin cream cheese)
  • coconut cashews (so addicting!)
  • butternut squash triagnoli
  • Spelt Risotto (a great hot breakfast option, it's made with smoked provolone so it tastes like it's made with ham)
I was also excited to see that it's pear season again so I stocked up on some red anjou and asian pears.

I took a macaron baking class once and ever since have been a sucker for this treat! I served them at my Valentine's Day party last year. Two pumpkin macarons is only 90 calories so it's not a bad treat.
It keeps in the freezer so it's not something you can easily take out and eat the whole package since you have to defrost them.

 I wanted to close Pumpkin Week  by listing some more pumpkin foods that you shouldn't miss!

My freezer is full of these 100 calorie muffin tops.

I never eat at Panera Bread but heard someone raving about their Vegetarian Autumn Squash soup so I gave it a try. It's low in calories but a bit high on sugar. It was thick and delicious!!!

Menchie's pumpkin frozen yogurt mixed with their graham cracker flavor - to die for! I like that they use milk from California cows that have not been treated with artificial growth hormones (rBST). I tried the pumpkin pie flavor at Fro-yo but it tasted more like cloves than pumpkin to me. Pinkberry had a sign up that their pumpkin flavor is coming soon. Random fact - the Kardashians go to the Calabasas Menchie's location often.

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