Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I go all out! Sometimes I buy a premade costume but other times I make one like my belly dancer costume pictured here from last year. I searched high and low for that pink snake which I ended up losing that night. I've dressed up as a peacock (which I think is my favorite costume), a matador (bullfighter), Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman prefer Blondes, a cavewoman, Madonna and Jem (is outrageous!). This year I'm going to be a mermaid!

To get into the season so far I've made pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin curry, went to an annual pumpkin carving contest, my first corn maize (at night in the rain), and went to a haunted house. And I've been drinking pumpkin Shakeology - check out the video.

I've talked about creating healthy Easter Baskets, likewise you should consider offering a healthy alternative to candy to your trick or treaters for America's biggest candy holiday.

clementines (you can draw a pumpkin face on them)
mini Lara Bars
apricot granola bars
Chia bars (my fave!)
Snack-Sized Trail Mix Packets
Natural fruit rollups
Buddy's Fruit Bites

or non-food goodie bags such as:
Fang Whistles
Glow in the Dark Rubbie duckies
crayon packs

Check out the company Get Unreal who makes non-chemical versions of your favorite candy bars like Milky Way and Peanut M&M’s so they do not contain HFCS, trans fat or artificial coloring.

I love Annie's brand, I only buy her boxed organic white cheddar mac and cheese. For halloween she has individual serving packets of bunny shaped graham crackers which are made with real ingredients, no preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors. The grahams are made from organic wheat, they're low in calories and have calcium in it!

Check out these adorable funny kids halloween costumes!

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