Conquer your closet clutter!

As I was reorganizing my closet for fall I wanted to share a few things that I've done in my closet to make it much more easy to keep organized. Something I don't do often enough is wear jewelry, I typically would only wear stud earrings. I used to keep all my necklaces hidden in my lovely  purple jewelry boxes, but as they say, out of sight, out of mind. So I decided to take my jewelry out of hiding and hang my necklaces up in my closet. For some reason I thought my chucky statement necklaces were too heavy to hang up, but I guess if it can hang around my neck it can hang on display! lol This way nothing will be forgotten and I can now give myself a little more bling when I dress each morning. I also purged all the jewelry that I haven't worn in a year to help declutter.

This is how I organize my tights, got the organizer from amazon.

Belts and Scarf organizer. (yes I own three white coats)

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