Don't get lazy this fall!

As it starts to get colder and the sun sets sooner, it can be tempting to skip your workout routine. Personally, autumn is when I am in my best shape because I'm always toning up for Halloween, then comes NYE and my birthday.  I create a schedule for my morning workouts which I find beneficial to avoid skipping workouts. I plan my menus and keep to it. This means I never have to add weight loss to my new years resolutions because I stay on target during fall so there's no surprise 10 lbs come January or holiday guilt or  panic about being skinny for summer. There is no secret or quick fix to having the body you want, just eat the right balance of foods, drink plenty of water and limit processed foods and sugars and you'll soon notice a difference. If you're heading out to fairs, festivals and holiday parties you need to set a plan in place for events that will have food so you don't panic. You don't want to end up like this pigeon who flew into an apt complex courtyard, gorged on too much food given to him by residents, that he became too heavy for his wings to lift him up to fly and couldn't leave. I want you to be able to resist all those breadcrumbs so you won't have to walk around with an embarrassing sign affixed to your shirt because you have no self control.

The world is full of temptations, fattening food, sugar fixes and pitfalls. Either you lock yourself in the house and be miserable or you learn to go out into the world without gorging yourself on food. You know these events are coming up so plan ahead. Save a few calories, do some extra exercise, have a small portion of whatever it is you want. It's going to be a long miserable life if you don't learn how to implement willpower! Here are some strategies you can try.

First of all focus on the people at the event, and get more socially interested in them rather than focus on the food, which sounds easy but I have to work at it too.

Second some people like to cut back on their  food intake the day of an event so they can eat more at the event but that only means you show up hungry. Another strategy is to eat well beforehand, so you're not hungry when you get there.  Plus make sure you're well hydrated as well, from water or a piece of fruit so it's enough to feel full and keep you from storming the buffet table.

Third, go to the back of the buffet line so all the fatty stuff is picked through already. Fourth,  spread the more nutritious food to cover your plate so it looks visually full, with as many healthy items as you can, and pass on the low nutrient stuff. If it's a potluck, I always make sure to bring a healthy main dish.

Fourth my best bet is to not eat the dessert table or even look at it. As I have proven to myself many times over, if I eat sugary things, I need to "sample" all, so it's best I not even start. Fifth, try to stick to no more than one drink all evening. Any more than that and my resolve dissolves into an alcoholic sugar spike; next thing I know, I'm reaching for my 3rd cookie or tortilla chips. These strategies work for me 90% of the time and the rare time I overdo it, I try to learn from it and move on. Every day is a new opportunity to eat right.


  1. Good message Anna! I love that you plan workouts and meals - I'm not sure I could always stick to the plans 100%!

  2. I think that you can't be successful until you have a focus. Creating a plan for yourself gives you a starting point. When you know what you are eating everyday it takes the guess work out. You know that you have something in mind already and there is no room for the common excuse "I don't know what to make so lets just eat out".