Green cleaning products

I've  been into green cleaning products for awhile now for my home.  But then I read an article in Allure magazine last year with an interview with a hand model who said she brought her own hand soap into public bathrooms to not damage her nails, that's when I made the switch to natural hand soap as well. I use both Method  and Mrs Meyers hand soaps and household cleaners. Both are ammonia and bleach free cleaners, do not contain  petroleum distillates, made of plant based solvents and not tested on animals. I used to work at a yoga studio and the first thing I suggested to them was to switch to natural cleaners. I thought they shouldn't use windex on the mirrors because when you spray the toxic chemicals on the mirror it hits you back in the face and no one should be breathing that or risk getting it in their eyes.

This weekend Mrs Meyers is offering free shipping in honor of Earth Day!  In December I used their pine scent since its Christmasy and my other favorite is geranium scent, the essential oil is very strong but amazing! This week's Target ad is having a sale on Method cleaning products.

Method's stylish bottles are made from 100% recyclable material and you can find it at Target, Safeway & Whole Foods. I really like their bathroom cleaning products and wood floor cleaner. Many of their products come in refill pouches so you can save on plastic. And they disclose all of their ingredients which many products claiming to be "green" do not.

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