Cherry Blossoms

I cheated on my favorite makeup line MAC and tried out NARS. I heard that Nars blush is loaded with pigment and lasts for hours. So I tried their most popular colors Orgasm blush, Turkish Delight lipgloss (Kim Kardashian swears by this color) and their new shadow line called 413 Blkr which is only available at their flagship store in New York on 413 Bleeker street. Well it was a total fail, all just weren't complimentary on my skintone, that's what I get for cheating! lol

It's Cherry Blossom time in DC so I'm going to go check out the blossoms! Have a great weekend!  Do you like my blog? You can subscribe to my blog by clicking the subscribe button at the top right.


  1. I LOVE the orgasm blush...but I was "sold" at Sephora one day when they had a Nars rep there. She did my makeup and it looked amazing--but it's a summertime treat for me (I only seem to like it when I am a bit tan!). However, I've been wearing the same eye shadow colors since I was in high school--so if you find what works, there's no harm in sticking to it!

  2. I'm jealous I want to get my makeup done by a Nars rep to get to know the brand! I change up my eyeshadow look every few years based on current trends.