All About Aqua

J.Crew's bubble necklace seems to be the most popular item they've made! I bought mine a few years ago but since then so many copycat artists are making them at a fraction of the cost!

What I'm most excited about to share is these Aqua Spritz shorts I purchased when the LOFT was having a sale. Drum roll please ..... I put on my first pair of size 2 shorts!!!!! Course I had to check the inside label to see if perhaps the outside price tag label was mistakenly placed on the wrong sized shorts, but no! Hopefully these aren't just a rogue sized pair of shorts, but either way I'll take it! It was super exciting for me considering I used to be a size 14! Never in my wildest dreams I could ever imagine being a size 2! Would it be wrong of me to keep the tag on so everyone can see the size?! lol

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