Hate running?

Well walking  is all sorts of good for you! I've never been much of a runner, at least not outdoors, just occasionally on the treadmill. I'm a city girl, so I grew up walking everywhere and my parents are big walkers as well. This article says that "a brisk walk may be just as good as a run for keeping the the heart healthy." So for those who think they’re out of luck because they can’t run or don’t want to run, you don’t have to! Plus with walking the risk of me getting an injury is much lower.

I walk to work everyday and take a walk during my lunch break during which I use music to boost my walks! I'm not a fast walker, pretty much go at a strolling pace. I’ve always liked taking walks, even back in college if my roomie and I went to the movies at Lincoln Center, we would walk 50 blocks back up to Columbia University. I went to Italy two years ago with a group of 20-somethings and everyone complained about how sore they were from "so much" walking, I just laughed because I was totally fine!

When I got out of college my first image of working women were women walking to work in suits and big boxy white sneakers. I didn't want that to be my look so I researched the best walking shoes. Every six months I get a new pair of  Privo by Clarks shoes which is described as "active-inspired styling with sporty details and non-stop cushiony comfort." All of my shoes pretty much look the same with some detailing differences, they come in different colors: black, brown, navy, khaki, and sometimes purple, lime and orange depending on the model. If I take an active vacation that involves a lot of walking, I wear these as well! After all how often do your feet get into the photo? These shoes are a whole lot better for your feet than flip flops! Your feet will thank you!

If you take up walking consider getting a fitbit which is a fancy pedometer. It's super small and clips to your waist band, shirt pocket, or bra for easy wearing. Just make you don't accidentally throw it in the wash. It tells you how many calories you burn and it also monitors how well you sleep (with a wrist band) by telling you how many times you wake up at night, how long it took you to fall asleep and your total sleep time. It's a great tool to motivate you to be more active because the fitbit's default goals is for you to take 10,000 steps per day which is approx 5 miles. The device syncs wirelessly when it's placed near your computer. The fitbit is rechargeable and one charge will last you a week. It doesn't count stairs just measures degrees of elevation so it won't work on a stairmaster and if you want to use it in spin class you need to put it on your sock. I think once you start using it you'll find it pretty addicting!

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  1. This is true my daughter is young but she was on the way to obsessiveness then I bought her new walking shoes and now she loves to run with her friends in the college and she is losing weight day by day.