Skinny for summer

You know what drove me crazy for a couple years? Victoria Secret (where I buy all my swimsuits) didn't have any in light pink! They had every other shade of pink but not light pink. Season after season I would check in and just found it the oddest thing ever! I would think isn't that a popular color? When this bikini finally came out last year I snatched it up! (It's lighter in person.)  It was also my first bandeau style swimsuit which I thought would be great to avoid tan lines, and I love the circle brass embellishment. I'm not a flip flop kind of gal but I love my Mystique sandals, they have such pretty embellishments! Course gotta keep the toes pretty with my favorite zoya nail polish.

Now are you the type of person who thinks "gotta get skinny for summer!" Yeah that used to be me. Well what if you get invited on a cruise in the winter time or have to be in a wedding? Things pop up during the year so you need to be ready at any time to put on that swimsuit or special dress! Instead of being skinny for summer, how about being fit for life! If you're eating right and working out year round, you won't have a panic attack when something comes up. 

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