Pretty in Pink

I keep my closet arranged by color and noticed there wasn't much in the pink section. I have a long standing no hot pink policy, I don't wear hot pink colored clothing, lipstick, or nail polish. I love light pink but not all shades are complimentary to my hair color, I usually go with beigey pinks. I stopped by Ann Taylor LOFT and they had ton of light pink stuff! As soon as they have a sale I'm definitely getting the linen shorts! I'm on the fence about the Striped Terry Drawstring Waist Dress, the color is a bit too neon for me.

In the meantime I just got the sateen Marissa ankle pants which are such a pretty shade of pink, not too pale, and matches my purse and shoes! It also goes with my favorite nail polish color - Zoya Amanda which is more beige than pink but it's perfect with my tan skin tone.
pretty in pink

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