Grey Jeans Two Ways

I bought my first pair of grey jeans because of the Fall Fashion Challenge, check out yesterday's look. I've never owned grey jeans before and it was a challenge to find just the right shade of grey. Some jeans looked like faded black, or 80s acid wash jeans, these jeans that I bought were the perfect light grey color. I've found that grey jeans coordinate really well with burgundy, mustard yellow, cobalt blue, pink or purple.

I've never been a fan of plaid but that was another thing on the challenge shopping list. This shirt is  a bit oversized, but it doesn't give that lumberjack look. I absolutely love this color palette, it's a feminine way to wear plaid and I think the shoes and accessories pull the look together. If you saw the movie The Good Lie Reese Witherspoon is wearing a plaid shirt in every scene.

Allure magazine's November edition has a whole page dedicated to "How to wear plaid" with an interview with Tommy Hilfiger. He said that "while plaid cycles in and out it never totally disappears because it is an incredibly chic look when you wear it the right way." He recommends getting your plaid in a silk fabric because  "it's lightweight and feminine and offsets any unwanted lumberjack associations." He likes "crisp bright colors for plaid and says to stay away from dusty, muted shades like beige, olive green and brown because they look muddy." The accent color on the plaid must be white.  He says it looks perfect in a ski town but don't mix it with turquoise jewelry.

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