Rocksbox Review

I love subscription boxes, and well generally getting anything fun in the mail! For beauty products I get Allure's Sample Society and now for jewelry I signed up for Rocksbox. What netflix is to DVDs, rocksbox is to jewelry - a monthly subscription service! For $19 a month they send you a box (with a pretty black ribbon) with 3 pieces of designer jewelry based on your style profile. You can wear the items on loan for as long as you want or return them as fast as you can for your next box. There is the option to buy the pieces they send you but I love have the variety of pieces to wear to keep my wardrobe fresh. They include a free shipping back to return the items. From my first box I liked 2 out of the 3 pieces so I went back and adjusted my survey answers to make sure it's a better fit next time. They even have a wishlist section on their website so you can mark which items you'd like next.

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