Halloween. Let's Talk About It.

My post last year showing what celebs wore for Halloween has been one of my most popular posts so I thought I'd do it again for my favorite holiday as it's the most festive night of the year. I usually eagerly await the Today show on Halloween to see what costumes they wear but this year they did a tribute to Saturday Night Live. So they wore costumes from their characters which if you think about it are just everyday clothes so I was disappointed with that because it just wasn't that special. But I did like Tamron Hall's costume from a previous year where she went as Obama:

Adriana Lima and family, I love her husband's costume as Poseidon, 
I could have used one last year when I was a mermaid. lol

 Amber Rose threw a costumed birthday party and she's in the leopard with Carmen Electra


 Aubrey O'Day, have to toot my own horn here but I think I had a better peacock costume

Beyonce went to two parties this year, first up is Frida Kahlo which I also saw a man dressed up as at a party I went to! lol

Beyonce dressed as Janet Jackson from her "Rhythm Nation" music video and Blue Ivy dressed as Michael Jackson.
The stars of  show "Black-ish" as the Jackson 5, love their costumes but couldn't get into their show

Iggy Azalea as a "white girl" hahahahahaha This costume was a spoof on the Wayans brothers movie White Girls and a response to a feud she's having with Snoop Dogg. See he posted a photo of her to his instagram with the caption "Iggy Azalea no makeup", then he cursed her out and continues to antagonize her on instagram plus threatened violence against her, all this childishness from a middle aged man? wow!
Hugh Hefner and his wife went as twins

Jenny McCarthy and hubby from Grease

Kate Hudson at her annual house party

Carmen Electra as Katy Perry   -   Katy Perry as a flaming hot Cheeto

Kate Hudson
Miley Cyrus

 Kylie Minogue

                    Padma Lakshmi and Susan Sarandon


Lady Gaga
Not an actual costume, just what Miley Cyrus wore in the Sydney airport last week - a unicorn onesie
Kelly Ripa and Michael as Orange is the New Black
Instagram selfie

Maria Menounos

Neil Patrick Harris 

Rihanna - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Kim Kardashian this year and one of my past favorites

Hottest bartender award - check out his dangle earrings

I dressed up as a Thai Princess with a costume I bought on my trip to Thailand.


  1. Love this! Did you see Nikki Minaj as Jessica Rabbit??

  2. No I didn't see that and can't find it?

  3. Well what the heck, I just went to look again and can't find it anywhere. It was in the twitterverse somewhere. Or I may just be losing it.