Trader Joe's Fall Favorites 2014

The thin, crisp crust is spread with a sweet potato purée, and then topped with kale, grilled butternut squash and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano. This pizza is incredibly delicious, I'd say the sweet potato puree is the secret ingredient that gives this pizza it's extra kick. It's such a unique flavor combinations with all the ingredients that I've never seen before on a pizza, you gotta try this! 

With fall comes the arrival of hot apple cider right? Or as Trader Joe's calls it "autumn joy in a glass". This year TJ's has stepped it up a notch by only using honey crisp apples in this bottle! Unless you've been sleeping under a rock, you should know that honey crisp apples are the most delicious (and expensive) apples ever! If you're wondering why you should switch from TJ's Spiced Apple Cider, well just look at the ingredients it's made of a variety of juices, while TJ's  Honey Crisp Apple Cider has only one ingredient and  no added sugar. The secret of the deliciousness is in its simplicity and purity. I've been mixing it into my Vanilla Shakeology.

Roasted Mashed Sweet Potatoes - I know you're thinking how lazy does one have to be to buy this? Well the package is made up of a bunch of small mashed frozen discs which microwave in less than 30 seconds so it makes using it so fast and easy. There's only one ingredient - sweet potato, roasted to caramelize their natural sugar so it's really delicious. I've been experimenting adding it to my oatmeal.

This time of year I also pick up my favorite apple butters: fig, pumpkin and cranberry apple.


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