Training for the Electric Run

If you're not a runner like me, no need to feel like a failure because it's not your forte, there are plenty other types of exercise that give the same results but are easier on your body. I chose to do a 5K because it's only 3.1 miles so to me it was a very doable running distance. Entering a beginner friendly 5K is also good motivation to get you running. I only started training a week before this race, on the treadmill. My first run was only 2 miles and I was surprised I could do that without stopping or cramps. I did feel it in my thighs for the next couple days which I took off. After being gone on vacation in Spain, my goal was to get a week in of runs, so that afterwards I could "fall" back into my routine and love my regular workouts (hybrid of Focus T25 and Chalean Extreme).

My second run was the full 3.1 miles at 5.5 speed an it took me 34 minutes and let me tell you I was ready to quit every minute of it! lol I was watching the Real Housewives of OC while on the treadmill so that made it easier. On my third run I wasn't watching the clock as much and was able to do it at 5.6 speed, but boy did I feel it in my thighs afterwards, not pain, but tight.

I know that the treadmill will never, ever fully prepare you for running outside so on my fourth run I ventured outside because it was such nice weather. However I was reminded why I enjoy running inside: it was too distracting having everyone stare at me. lol The run felt so much longer and harder. I had to keep pushing myself to get through it and maintain a slow steady pace. I was thankful for every stop light and was super careful when crossing the street with my earphones in as just a month ago I read about a jogger that was hit by a bus. At one point I was so excited to see a water fountain that someone was drinking from until I got up close and found it had bird droppings all over it. #fail If I ever run outside again (highly doubtful) I need a handheld water bottle. That evening, despite stretching, my thighs hurt when I tried to sit down as if I had done a zillion squats.

The day before the race I only weight trained to give my legs a break. The morning of the race I played flag football with a church league.

Do you want to hear a funny glow in the dark story? In college I had put on my evening cream (nice way of saying zit cream lol) which ends up looking sheer on my face. Then I heard a party on my floor so I thought I would pop over. Well they had black lights, remember how cool those were? Shoot I even had one for my room! lol Anyway so this guy I knew said to me in a cautious tone, "I think there's something on your face" and I'm thinking OMG in the black light it must look like I showed up for the party with a mask on my face! hahahaaha So I ran out of there, ran back into my suite and asked my roommate how it looked. I switched on my blacklight and she was speechless, she said I looked like one of those guys in the movie Dead Presidents (below) then she couldn't stop cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine showing up at a party looking like that, chatting casually not even knowing that's how you looked? I tried washing my face but it didn't come off and of course I couldn't see for myself in the mirror because it only worked with the black lighting. Needless to say I had to sit the rest of the party out.
Something else I learned in college at a frat party was that if you dye your hair blonde, it glows in the dark under a black light. So everyone knows you're not a natural blonde. lol

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