Paint + Wine = Masterpiece

In the past couple years quite a few places have popped up in my city that offer paint classes that serve wine, the concept has really taken off! I tried a painting class last year with a living social deal where I painted a peacock because as you know that's my favorite bird.  This time I picked the class that was painting Georgia O'Keeffe's Red Poppy to match my orange living room. 

It was more challenging than I thought it would be just getting all the different shades of orange. Then to make it more challenging, the instructor said she doesn't like to use orange paint! She only uses primary colors when she paints (red, blue, yellow) and mixes up whatever color she wants from that. Even though as a child I used to take a lot of pottery classes, I don't have any drawing ability. I had to ask the instructor many times for feedback on my piece because I couldn't see it the way she did. She kept telling me to add more highlights and shadows. I re-did the purple background three times until I got the color just the shade I wanted.

Somehow I managed to produce this beautiful painting that I'm very proud of! If you have a paint bar in your area, I highly recommend going. It makes a great girl's night out. Or you can opt to get paint thrown on you at a color run! lol

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