DIY How to repair a broken lipstick

I've found that red lipstick tends to come off easily, so when I ran the Electric Run, I put my RiRi Woo lipstick in my purse. Well after the run was over and after drinking many cups of water I wanted to touch up my lipstick and reached into my purse and was shocked to find that my lipstick had somehow opened and it had broken off the tube. This lipstick is not for sale in MAC stores, it had to be ordered online and who wants to pay for another lipstick they've only had for a month? Has this happened to you? So frustrating!

So I went about fixing it! I'm happy to report it's working good as new!

  1. Take a match or lighter and carefully run it across the base of the broken part of the lipstick. This only takes a few seconds, enough to slightly melt the broken piece so it can reattach.
  2. Put the lipstick back together, careful to see how it fits together and smooth down any lumps on the side.
  3. Put the lipstick in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. 
  4. Give your lipstick tube a little spin and it should be back in action!
ps to avoid lipstick marks on wine glasses, discreetly lick the rim of your glass before sipping. 

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