Gel Nail Polish

I love gel nail polish because my nails stay flawless for 3 weeks! I know a lot of people only make it 2 weeks with it, but mine easily stays chip-free for 3 weeks. No matter how hard I tried, my natural nails were always peeling so they couldn't grow long. And I tried every nail strengthener out there and vitamins. So last fall I decided to give gel nail polish a try for a few months. If you're wondering if it's safe, the experts say that you should wear sunscreen on your hands to protect it from the aging affects of the ultraviolet light. I do think the removal process makes my nail weak as the chemicals and scraping dehydrates and damages my nails. I also hand wash all my dishes so my hands are frequently in water. So to counter act all that damage I've started using Cutemol skin cream which is pricey but is really good for my nails.

I often google nail polish shades to see what they look like applied but rarely see my tanned color skin. So I thought I'd share how these color look on me. You can also see how I organize my nail polish here.

       CND Shellac Wildfire, a vibrant red for Christmas

OPI Taupe Less Beach - looks purple in this pic, but is more a beige grey

OPI Mod About You - reminds me of my favorite CND color Cake Pop

                                       OPI with a nice finish - I loved this orange!

OPI tiramisu for two - loved this pink on my nails but when I used the regular OPI color on my toes in the same shade it didn't look pink
OPI ce-less tial is more - on my ring finger

While in San Francisco I tried out ibd Just gel polish in Go-Go Above and Beyond

Check out my birthday nails.

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