Vegetarian Mexican Food

I enjoyed tons of authentic vegetarian Mexican food while in Cancun I was worried I would have to eat cheese quesadillas every day but that wasn't the case. The restaurants I went to had entire vegetarian menus! Instead of the traditional hard taco that we have, their tacos were all soft tortillas.

Soy Tacos
Portobello and Plantains over a bed of Quinoa
Huitlacoche tacos, it's a fungus that grows on corn


Soy Tacos and green juice made out of cacti

I frequented the local grocery store to stock up on water and other groceries. It had a steeply slanted moving walkway which was hard to get used to.
They don't refrigerate their eggs in the store.

Lots of pepper varieties


Every time I go to Mexico I always buy vanilla extract because Mexico is the birth place of vanilla. But it's important to read the labels to make sure you're getting a quality product, not imitation vanilla with artificial ingredients or coloring. Also, know that quality vanilla extract is going to be pricey.

I also had a pair of $30 riding boots that I had taken to a shoe repair place at home to get the heel fixed and was told it would be $30 to fix. So I bought my boots, heels, and broken sandals with me to Cancun to have repaired and it was a fraction of the price!

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