What to do in Cancun

Cancun offers five-star hotels, sparkling sapphire waters, diverse restaurants, and a booming nightlife. Outside of the resort life, you'll find  underground water cenotes, water amusement parks and the spectacular cliff Aztec ruins of Tulum. You can't run out of things to do, just be prepared to spend a lot of money on all the activities as they're not cheap. But it will make your vacation a unique experience versus just spending all your time on the beach.

Spectacular Mayan ruins perched atop a cliff next to a palm-lined beach. It was meticulously constructed so that the sun would shine through the window during the spring equinox. There was also wild iguanas there. One was doing a photo shoot with a tiny santa hat on. lol
Funny timing, today Justin Bieber went to Tulum with a beer in hand and climbed the restricted ruins and mooned people. After arguing with the authorities, he was escorted out.

They are caves and underground rivers with thousand-year-old stalagmite rock formations. Inside the cave the scenery was breathtaking. The water was crystal clear and when illuminated by light is turquoise. I went on a rainy day which was perfect because the limestone isolates the outside weather and the temperature of the water gets warmer.  It's an activity that's fun when wet. There are many different ones in the Mayan Riveria to see.

Is an overpriced theme park that offers an aviary with birds, swimming in an underground lazy river, cultural performances, dolphin and stingrays encounters. Also, there's a number of restaurants that serve lunch buffets included with your ticket price. There's a ton to see and to do including just relaxing on a hammock. It feels like you're in a jungle in the park by all the tree coverage. I love flamingos and the park had a ton of them which I was excited to see!

Macaws are a type of parrot, they're large and colorful and native to the Americas. I had a whole photo shoot with them standing on my head, standing on my hands, on my shoulders, etc. lol They behaved only because they were fed snacks in between each photo which they would then spit onto my shirt. lol I asked their handler if they can fly in the event I freak out and shake them off me. lol He assured me yes. One bird nipped on my ear. It was quite the experience!


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