Packing List for a Beach Vacation

If you're lucky enough to travel to sunny Mexico this winter, I want to share my packing list for Cancun last month. Even though it's an international flight, American Airlines still charged me $25 to check my bag so you may want to try just travelling with a carry on. I used the Triplist app to create reusable lists that I use for every vacation because it reminds me of little things I would forget to pack. Then I used the Stylebook app to show me which outfits from my closet I will be taking. 

First check out my previous packing tips where you can see my pink suitcase which makes it very easy to spot in the luggage claim at the airport. If I were to buy another suitcase, I'd get one with 4 wheels so I don't have to pull the heavy weight.  Here's my beach packing list that might contain some things you probably wouldn't have thought of. 

  • space saver bags
  • travel pillow
  • lysol wipes
  • sunglasses
  • books
  • aloe vera gel 
  • insect repellent
  • healthy snacks
  • photocopy of passport
  • print outs of flight & hotel reservations
  • travel journal
  • shoe bags
  • comfy walking shoes
  • plastic rain poncho
  • gum for popping ears on the flight
  • probiotics
  • makeup wipes
  • white linen pants - a beach staple for me
  • hats
  • swimsuits
  • flip-flops
  • beach coverup
  • a nice dress for the evenings

I highly recommend taking probiotics with you when travelling to a country where the food you eat could cause stomach problems, it will keep your gut strong. I packed cashews to have as a snack while on the beach everyday. I didn't buy the all inclusive package at my hotel so I bought oatmeal with me to eat for breakfast. I had planned to use the coffee pot in the room to heat up water for it, but ended up going to the local grocery store and bought plain yogurt to mix it into.

I was so glad I brought the plastic rain poncho, it really came in handy in the random short rain showers I had daily. It was light enough that it wasn't hot to wear in the hot weather. To prevent myself from getting sick from germs on airplanes, I always bring lysol wipes to wipe down the surfaces. Also the TV remote in hotel rooms has been proven to be the most germ filled surface in your room. I had a hard time finding lip balm with SPF at multiple CVS' so I had to order it online. It never fails that my lips get sunburned.

Lip Balm with SPF
A friend of mine turned me on to a Cooling Towel a few years ago, I have to say it's the best invention ever! The way it works is you dip the towel in cold water and it stays cold for hours! It's nice to have around your neck on super hot days.
 I use a Slim Packing Cube to pack my undergarments so they're easy to find in my suitcase.
I bought another steamer in the past but it didn't work very well so I returned it. My co-worker travels a lot for work and turned me onto My Little Steamer.  It's small and has just enough water to steam a few garments before it runs out, but it's really strong and works!
I bought this waterproof case for my Iphone but was scared to use it but saw so many people using it at Xcaret in the lazy river so I decided to give it a try myself. When I went swimming in the Cenote, I got looks from people shocked I was swimming with my phone around my neck, but it completely kept my phone waterproof! And it took much better pics in a dark location than the disposable camera I bought that uses film that I had to mail off to get developed.

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