Christmas in Cancun

After my trip to San Francisco, my travel bug was itching so I booked a trip to Cancun for 10 days at the end of December as I had 3 weeks off from work. I've been to Mexico a few times. I did a summer exchange program in Colima which included trips to Mexico City and Guadalajara. I've taken a Mexican Riveria cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. My very first international vacation as a kid was Christmas in Cozumel.

I spend days on this daybed reading

As soon as I walked out of the airport, right outside by the taxis was a Margaritaville kiosk with drinks. The drive to the hotel was along a palm tree lined road. The weather was hot and humid and rained everyday for a short burst.  Cancun had the most crystal clear, vibrant turquoise water with sand as soft as baby powder.  I spend my days reading, walking the beach, and experiencing new places and food. The white sand and dazzling aqua water are completely breathtaking. The sand in Hawaii wasn't as breathtaking. I came back a little sunburned, yet I had a marvelous time. The crystal clear water was cold and the waves were high. I laid back in the daybed which was a lovely as I could go dip my legs in the ocean every 30 min or so.

The Police patrolling the beach

Mariachi band singing "Feliz Navidad" and "Guantanamera"

Palm trees lined the sidewalks. 



I had one of my most amazing trips ever, and it was booked last minute.

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