Season of Joy!

Winter Wonderland by Jewel on Grooveshark
I wanted to share some of my Favorite Christmas things like my famed sugar cookies:
My pink gingerbread house:

Every year I buy an amaryllis plant that blooms at Christmas. It comes just a bulb planted in dirt and in the span of one month grows tall then blooms multiple gorgeous red flowers. Here it is with my chocolate advent calendar, you're never too old for one! lol

This is the best time of year to start with a new attitude. This is the season of joy, the time to express gratitude. - Joel Osteen 

I'll be working on checking off my winter bucket list this month. Never heard of Nurnberger Gluhwein,
check out this post. You can check out my favorite Christmas songs here.


  1. Your cookies look fantastic! Enjoy your mulled wine! My favorite treat from Germany during the holidays was pfeffernusse. Your post reminded me of my memories many years ago when I lived there. I'd love to be there at Christmas time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those cookies are so pretty! And, I like the Joel Osteen quote, too. The joy of the season can so easily get lost with all the craziness.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  3. those cookies are gorgeous!!!! I can't wait for cookies!

  4. We used to get an amaryllis plant every year for my mother in law. I wish I had a plate of your cookies right now - so pretty!

  5. Your cookies and tree are too cute! and zoo lights is my fave! I was going to go tonight but it's so gross out! Nice running into you today! xoxo

  6. LOVE your bucket list & all the holiday pictures! Are you near DC or visiting? I live in Baltimore, not too far! Jen