Winter Gym Fashion

Just because the weather is drab, doesn't mean you have to resort to wearing all black. There's nothing like walking by twinkling lights everywhere you go to get you into the holiday spirit. Wearing bright colors make me smile so let the festive and decorative winter months inspire me to keep the celebrations going by wearing bright colored workout clothes. Can you tell purple is my favorite color? lol I have to wait all year for clothing manufacturers to decide this season they will release purple clothing. I don't need new sneakers as I'm still wearing my neon ones but I'm snatching these up to have on the shelf in my shoe closet for when I'm ready for them. I'm loving the shine on the crackle pants, definitely a unique look! How cool is the sequin sports bra?! It's not actual sequins but a print of sequins. Hope this inspires you to brighten up your gym wardrobe.

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