Herringbone Vest

On the shopping list for the Winter Fashion Challenge was a puffer vest which so far I've found to be both a fall and winter closet staple. Looks like JCrew sold out of the herringbone color, but it's all over ebay. Once again I have the fashion challenge to thank for this outfit as I never would have put it together into an outfit if I wasn't given the idea to do so. From the shopping list I was in search of a tunic to wear with my leggings which brought me to the Express where the saleslady gave me this blue shirt off the clearance rack for $11, I told her it wasn't my color but I thought hey it's the right length and so cheap why not and now it's turned out to be my most favorite outfit.

Funny enough fellow blogger  Carrie has the same sweater! She expressed perfectly how I feel about the two fashion challenges I've participated in so far:
I realized I am really happy with how my wardrobe looks right now. I love so many of my pieces and can create tons of outfits. Much of this is because of the many outfits Alison created for me and the pieces she suggested using the shopping lists provided through the Style Me Challenges. I feel like my wardrobe has a completeness that makes more sense now. It’s no longer just random pieces but items than can be remixed. And yes, I read other blogs and find great style inspiration on Pinterest but there is something about the Style Me Challenges that has me coming back. You know what it is? It’s community. Real women of all ages speaking words of encouragement and kindness to other women in ways that cause them to get out of their comfort zones and take fashion risks.

My fall wardrobe was totally lost and I never thought to look to pinterest for fashion. Now I've created fashion boards with outfits showcasing wardrobe pieces from the fashion challenge shopping lists; things I never knew I needed but now make my wardrobe complete. My winter wardrobe was all the same uniform of sweaters and pants so I've really changed my style and feel good about how I look. Because I like to be super organized, I use the stylebook app to organize a calendar of outfits in advance for each month to make sure I'm wearing my closet.

The necklace I got from Rocksbox.

Just in case you need more convincing that you need a herringbone vest, let's take a look at this collage that I put together of how to pair it.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Anna! I love it that we have the same sweater. The color does look really good on you. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. UH OH I TOTALLY need that vest now! LOL I am totally loving my wardrobe now! I will DEFINITELY be coming back to this challenge!

  3. LOVE the vest! I just got it recently. Going to bookmark this so I can refer back to these looks!!