Year in Review

I wanted to make a recap of all of my favorite moments from the year to reflect on how grateful I am for them. This past year was full of a lot of changes for me and as I reflect on it I think I've grown personally from it. I wound down the year with a much needed massage on Saturday. I did a big cleaning out of my closet and donated clothes and shoes I never wear. If you're looking for a new NYE tradition, borrow one from another country.

So looking at the bigger picture, the top highlights of my year were my vacations and the joy they brought me. My trip to Bali was an amazing experience, feels like so long ago now.

Even though this was my fourth trip to Thailand, it never gets old. I wrote another post on the delicious food and luxurious experiences I had there.

Then I did a week in LA and enjoyed every minute of it! 

            Los Angeles                               Santa Monica                                Vegetarian in LA

I had a weekend in New York that was a blast!

I joined a weekly running group and made some good friends out of it. We even took a day trip to the beach together where I had my first yoga class on the sand. I'm in the green shirt in the middle:

I ran two races this year, the Glo Run and the Color in Motion. And I SoulCycled.

Lots of wardrobe changes this fall as I pushed myself to try new things when it comes to style. 
Fall Fashion Challenge                               Leggings Love                                         Cami Organizer

I dressed up for my favorite holiday - halloween.

I read 26 books this year, finally started borrowing books on my kindle from the library.

As I reflect on 2014, I would say that I am enjoying where I am and just focused on being happy in the moment and not constantly waiting until the next big thing happens.

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